Cat Refuses To Let Any Mail Be Delivered At All

In general, dogs may have the reputation for hating the mail person--barking and fighting with anyone who tries to drop off letters or parcels. But, in this case, a cat has decided to take issue with the post coming through the door.

Elizabeth Lara says most of her mail route is the same, until she gets to Milo's house. The cheeky cat has decided that receiving mail is his new favourite game, and pokes his paws through the mail slot to play with the post as it arrives each day.

Cats are notorious for making even the post mundane tasks better, so check out this cat who thinks mail is a game!

Imagine you're just trying to deliver mail and this is what you see staring back at you!

Check out a video of it here!


The struggles of being a mail lady 🤣 he really doesn’t like the mail #mailman #cat #mademyday #fyp #foryoupage

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In fairness, this is also how I would react to bills if I could get away with it!

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