Cat Tries To Get Attention By Smiling At Everyone Who Visits Shelter

To say that Nala, the cat is one of a kind is an understatement. Nala, an extremely friendly stray from the Netherlands, was found when she was heavily pregnant. She was actually in labor but had difficulty delivering her kittens. Nala was rushed to a veterinary hospital where she had to have an emergency c-section, and sadly, only one of her two kittens could be saved.

Nala and her kitten were taken in by Dierenbescherming, an animal protection group. Within a few weeks, the kitten had grown and improved greatly and was able to find a forever home.

Nala is also doing very well. She is an extremely loving and affectionate cat, who wears a permanent smile due to a cleft lip. Nala also suffers from a skin condition which requires her to stay on a special diet.

"She gets hypo-allergenic food and is doing much better. She might always need this special food," Ineke Kamps, a volunteer of the shelter says.

Whenever Nala spots a visitor, she gets excited and starts meowing for their attention. She makes sure every visitor takes notice of her by standing up against the glass with her big grin.

Nala loves human contact and is happiest when she is around people and can be smothered in cuddles.

"The perfect home for her would be a house with a (fenced) garden, with humans who are at home a lot and who don't have a problem with her special diet," Ineke said. "She is okay being placed with other cats, but will need individual feeding."

Nala also loves other furry friends. She is still very playful and full of energy at 2-years-old.

Nala can't wait to find her perfect forever home, but for now she continues for bring joy to everyone who comes to visit with that beautiful smile of hers!